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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to select Mother's day flower arrangement

Mother's Day Flower Arrangement and Gifts

Mothers day is a special day that gives us the opportunity to celebrate all the special things and how much our moms do for us. Flowers are a traditional way to celebrate such a beautiful occasion and a way to show our appreciation for our lovely mothers. Any flower arrangement is suitable for this occasion as long as it expresses your gratitude and matches your mom’s personality.

Flowers have a language of their own, so if you want to send a special message through flowers you can select blooms that convey the message you want to send. Popular mothers day flowers are carnations, roses, sunflowers, gerbera daisies, tulips, orchids, and of course lilies. Popular mothers day colors are usually shades of pink, yellow, blue and purple.

Every mother deserves to feel special on mothers day, well everyday in that matter. This year get your mothers day flowers from your trusted real local florist like Garden of Roses. A real local florist like Garden of Roses, will not only help you pick out the perfect flowers for your mom, but also ensure quality product and the best service. 

Do not order your mothers day flowers from an online website or call center  such as, Teleflora, Ftd, or 1-800 Flowers. The arrangement you pick from their website  and the arrangement sent to recipient will most likely look nothing like the picture. The reason behind it , these wire services or floral online sites are nothing but a call center or order taker. They only take your order and send the order to local florist. The local florist might not have the color or flowers you picked online so they substitute other flowers for your arrangement. Having said that, its always better to call the real local florist and make sure what they have in stock and what you like, so they can co ordinate the arrangement for you. You will not only receive a great deal because you buying directly from the florist and you will also have great service also. A real local florist like Garden of Roses in Moreno Valley,  CA will not only provide you fresh flowers that you choose but also make sure the arrangement is delivered on time .
How to ensure your mom gets the perfect flower arrangement, gifts this Mothers day ? Simple, follow these few steps and just watch your mom’s smile blossom this Mother’s Day.
- Search for real local florist on the area through search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yelp.
- Read the customer reviews on the listings. Pick the best one.
- Visit their Website site and see if you like any arrangement on their website.  If you like any flower arrangement for mom, simple call the florist and ask them if they have those flowers available. If they do, you can simply place an order online or over the phone.
- If they don’t have the flowers or design you choose , ask them what they have available on fresh flowers. Give them you color preference and budget, The experienced real local florist will be glad to assist you. Always Ask them What is their Mother'd Day Special ?
-  If possible visit you local flower shop to place an order.
-  Make sure you ask them for delivery confirmation, if possible a picture before the delivery, so you know what you getting.  A class florist like Garden of Roses, will provide you with a Picture before delivery, Send you confirmation after delivery, and make sure you get the freshest flowers on time. They will do that only because they want you as a happy returning customer.

Mother’s day is May 11th Sunday. Make sure you Pre-order it now to avoid the rush and pick the freshest flower arrangement for your Mom.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Select Flower arrangements for weddings : Tips and Advice

Compared to other occasions, the extraordinary amount of time, effort, and thought put into planning the best wedding ever is indicative of the value laid upon it by many people. Weddings are special because they're ideally supposed to happen only once in a person's life. Unlike yearly birthdays, there's not much room for error or miscalculations when it comes to making wedding arrangements. From the dresses to the venue to the guest list all the way to the food that is going to be whipped up on this special day, everything has to be right.

Part of making events like this look and feel right is by making sure that the flower arrangements for weddings capture the beauty, drama, and significance of the union between two people in love who, in the presence of their family and friends, profess their vows to remain together forever. Flowers play a key role in the entire ceremonies, it's difficult to imagine how weddings could be carried out without them.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to flower arrangements for weddings:

l  Perhaps the most important and obvious thing to consider when looking for flowers to use in a wedding is their quality and freshness. There's simply no other way to go about this other than by ensuring that on this most special day in your life, you will not settle for anything less than perfect.

l  The flower arrangements to be used must complement the overall look or theme of the wedding. Careful attention must be given to the way the flowers enhance or heighten the appeal of the event itself. Flower arrangements for weddings lend subtlety, depth, and meaning to these sort of occasions, so it is necessary that you pick the right design to bring the right mood to your own wedding.

l  The floral arrangements must be done by professional florists. As has been sufficiently underscored in the previous paragraphs, the need to get everything right couldn't be stressed any further. When shopping for arrangements, check out samples and finished products to gauge their quality and look. Don't just settle for choices presented to you via a catalogue. Ask for the real thing. If none of the pre-existing designs appeal to you, you can always have a customized bouquet done for you.

l  Promptness of delivery must never be taken for granted. Given that you are working with tight deadlines, there is very little room for delayed deliveries. On top of the actual designs and arrangements, promptness is also a great way of displaying professionalism and commitment to clients' needs.
l  And finally, always be on the lookout for value for money. Quality flower arrangements for weddings should not have to burn a hole through your pocket. Ensure that you get your money's worth.

If you ever find yourself in Moreno Valley in California and you need flowers for an occasion, say a wedding, Garden of Roses comes as a top choice. Visit their website at www.gardenofroses.us to check out our gallery of floral designs.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to choose the perfect sympathy flower arrangements

   Sympathy flowers are flowers that send a message to the deceased.  It’s a tribute to the beautiful life that was given to our loved one. Sympathy flowers also help with the grieving for the family members of the deceased. Sympathy flowers come in various ways. You can simply send beautiful flower arrangement to the family of the deceased to convey your condolences. Sympathy flowers also consist of casket sprays which is the piece that goes on top of the casket. For funeral service flowers you may also consider purchasing standing sprays which comes in various shapes and sizes.

Exotic/Tropical Standing Spray 

There are 3 Steps to choose the best sympathy flower arrangement for your loved one.

1.1 Select The Floral Design :
Since sympathy flower arrangements comes in various shapes, it is important to choose the piece that is most appropriate for you to contribute based on your relationship with the deceased. A great example would be, the spray that goes on top of the casket known as the casket spray is chosen by the family member closest to the deceased. If you had a close relationship to the deceased you may send many different arrangement types according to the family’s religious beliefs, such as wreaths, sprays, floral hearts or even crosses, Vases and Urns. You can also get floral Letters like DAD, MOM, SON.

1.2 Pick the Right flowers :
 When choosing flowers for the funeral, keep in mind about the personality of the deceased. Consider, what the grieving family will love the most. For example, if you are a close family member, than you are aware of the deceased favorite color and his or her favorite flower so you can choose accordingly. Another example would be, if the deceased was very outgoing, energetic and was nothing but just fun, than a very colorful flower selection will capture his or her personality the most.
                Research the meaning of flower colors as well. White flowers symbolize peace and Blue flowers represent comfort. Other colors symbolize other meanings that might be a perfect fit for the personality of the deceased. Always keep in mind, no matter what flower or color you choose, focus on the message you are trying to send.  
                Depending on the designs, You can select from varieties of flowers like Roses, Carnations, Daisies, Lilies, Gladiolas and there are tons more. You can also pick exotic/tropical flowers like Anthuriam, Bird of paradise. you may also send sympathy plants like Peace Lily Plants, Anthuriam Plants, Green plant baskets.   

Funeral Service Flowers

1.3 Find a Real Local florist
When ordering your sympathy flowers from florist, be ready to explain the personality of the deceased. This will than help your local florist offer you professional advice on the flowers and color suitable for you. Also your local florist can help you choose the floral piece that is trendy and also a perfect fit to convey your message. When choosing a local florist it is very important to take these two steps into consideration.

1st, Browse through search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Yelp to do research on your local florist. This will help you determine the most dependable, punctual, and service orientated florist. Reading Local Florist reviews by other consumers will give you a better insight about the florist. It is very important that you choose a very dependable florist who is also very punctual because the floral pieces that you choose have to be delivered or ready for you to pick up before the service. For example, if your service is at 10 am but the florist shows up with the Flowers at 10:30 am, not only is the service disrupted but everything then just turns into a mess.

2nd, when choosing a local florist keep in mind that location is a key factor. For example, when you are sending sympathy flowers to Moreno Valley, you want to pick the best real local florist like, Garden Of Roses because this local florist already works with the mortuaries, funeral homes and cemeteries. Not only are you guaranteed to receive quality service but also benefit from punctual, quick, beautiful flower designs as well.

So, Select a Beautiful Design, Pick the Color and Flowers, an experienced local florist will help convey your message right on time.
White Sympathy Flowers