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Monday, January 5, 2015

Find the Best Gifts and Flowers for Valentine's Day 2015 !!!

Valentine's day is the day where love and romance is celebrated all around the world. Valentine's  day is the one day where we all speak the language of love. Now, how do we express “ The Language of love ?” Well during the 18th century, lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers and by sending greeting cards. The tradition continues onto the 21st century as lovers are brought together by the beauty and the “Silent Language” of beautiful flowers.  

Flowers are the perfect gift this valentines day or any day if you ask me. Below is a list of reasons why you cannot go wrong with flowers this Valentines Day. 
  •         It will make “her” smile no matter what.
  •         Everyone loves flowers
  •        Great gift option if you are confused about “the gift”
  •         Flowers can express your feelings for you
  •        You can’t go wrong with flowers
  •        Flowers can be delivered with chocolates and balloons.

    Ladies, surprise your Boy friend/Husband by delivering Flowers and chocolates to his work or his house. (Now how many times do you think he has received flowers ?!).

So the question is, where can you find the best, freshest, flowers in town? Of course your first place to go is the local florist in your area such as Garden of Roses, will always carry the freshest flowers and have a wide variety of flowers for you to select from. A local florist will also have many different arrangements of flowers for you to choose from. If you need help finding the best local florist in your area, search on Google , Yahoo or Yelp. Read their reviews and look at their bouquet picture, I bet you will find the best flower shop in your area, Like Garden of Roses in Moreno Valley, CA the best local florist.  

-      Every arrangement at your local flower shop is hand made by an expert florist.

TIP : Never buy flowers from online shops such as FTD, Teleflora, or 1-800-Flowers. They all are just a website with lots of pretty looking flower picture and a huge call center !!! Usually what happens is that you will pick a beautiful flower arrangement for very attractive low price from their website, and when your loved ones receive the flowers , it will look nothing like what you selected.

-          The pictures are Photo-shopped so there is no way a florist is able to make the arrangement look like a photo shopped picture. If the flower that you choose is not available they will SUBSTITUTE for another flower even without your knowledge. And in many situation the flowers will never arrive. 

So why go through the trouble of picking a beautiful arrangement and then not getting the flowers, what you paid for?? You choose a local florist and call them directly to avoid the problems listed above.

When should you order your flowers for Valentines day?

Well Valentines Day is the busiest day at a flower shop so do not wait till the last minute. If you want your flowers delivered than you definitely need to call a week or two in advance so your flowers are delivered on time and there is no rush in delivering your flowers. If you are a procrastinator, and last minute is your only option, than feel free to come into a local flower shop like Garden of Roses and pick a bouquet of your choice from many selections.