Monday, May 4, 2015

Best way to send Flowers for Mother's Day

Sunday, May 10th is the day we get to show the woman who gave us life how much we appreciate and love her. Mothers not only give us life, they also give us unconditional love and protection. The gift of flowers is a perfect token to show your love and admiration for your mother.  Before you buy flowers for your mom make sure to remember and take notes on a couple points.

What Kind of flowers can you get for your mom? 

Always keep in mind that all flowers are beautiful no matter what. However there are a few pointers to keep in mind to help you choose the best flowers for your mom.
·        Typically Mothers Day flowers are pink, purple, yellow and orange. A Mixed Dozen Roses is also very beautiful and common for Mothers Day. A basket full of beautifully arranged flowers with all fresh spring blooms are also very popular.

Mothers day is also the busiest time of the year for any florist. You can only imagine the storm of orders florist receive for deliveries. It is always wiser to order your flowers at least a week in advance. That way are able to receive the exact flowers that you ordered and you are guaranteed a delivery without and tension.

Benefits in ordering flowers in advance
·        Your delivery is guaranteed on the date you want.
·        The florist can provide you with exactly the flower bouquet of your choice
·        You will also be receiving the freshest flowers, definitely not leftovers
·        Special flowers such as blue roses or purple roses need a few days in advance to be prepared.    

What not to do!!!!!
·        Do not order your flowers from online websites such as, Teleflora, 1-800 flowers, or FTD
They are only a call center that wires out your order to a local florist. Now that local might not have the flowers that you chose for your mom, so they end up putting in substitutes for your arrangement. When we see arrangements online we see these beautiful arrangements that have been photo shopped to make them look like perfection. There is no way a florist can make an arrangement that has been photo shopped.

What to do!!!!!
All you have to do is , search on Google, Yahoo or YELP to find a real local florist in your area. Then just
Visit a local flower shop or call them and place your order so you can avoid all the problems listed ahead.

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