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Saturday, May 6, 2017

How to Deliver Best Flower Arrangement for Mother's Day In Moreno Valley, Perris, Riverside and surrounding area.

     It’s the greatest time of the year again. Mother’s Day is here. This is the day we get to appreciate our mothers, the most strong, beautiful, and selfless human beings. They do so much for us and it’s time for us to show our appreciation for all that they do. Let’s show our mothers the love they deserve by gifting them an amazing bouquet of flowers. This year Mother’s day is on Sunday May 14th and Hispanic Mother’s Day is on the 10th of May. Flowers are the greatest gifts for our Mothers because flowers symbolize beauty and true love, which is what our mothers provide for us every day. Show mom, your mom, the mother of your children, your mother-in-law, and all mothers in your life that you care and love them and appreciate all that they do.

 Pre Order Mother's Day Bouquet

      All flowers are beautiful, and thank god, Mother’s Day is during spring. Spring, when all the flowers are in full bloom of all different colors. Roses are always a perfect because they come in so many different colors. A mixture of different colored roses in a bouquet will surely put a smile on your mom’s face. A customized flower basket with a mixture of assortments of flowers will make her jump in joy because now she can have the prettiest flowers of all varieties to herself that she can look at every day. Flowers that are the prettiest during spring are colorful lilies, different types of daisies, beautiful Iris, sunflowers, snapdragons, carnations, all colors of long stem Ecuadorian roses and so many more.

    Make sure you order your flowers through a local florist as soon as possible. Ordering through websites such as Teleflora, FTD or 1800 Flowers is not a great idea. The reason is, those are just call centers with really nice websites with photoshopped pictures. When you place an order with them, they send out the orders to a local florist and that local florist has to follow a recipe that comes with their order. Now making a photoshopped picture come to life is impossible for any florist. The florist may not have the flower of your choice at their shop and they will alternate with a different flower. Imagine how angry you will be if your mother's favorite flower never even reached her. All the thought that was put in the flowers wouldn’t even matter anymore. A local florist such as Garden Of Roses will take your order and make sure your mom receives the bouquet that you have so thoughtfully selected. They will ensure freshness and also make sure to give you a call in case something has to be changed. A Florist who receives an order from FTD, Teleflora or 1800 flowers, never gets to have the number of the customer so they are unable to make a call to let the sender know about any difficulties or alterations.

    Another reason to go through a local florist like Garden of Roses is a guaranteed delivery of your flowers just in case you cannot take them to you mom yourself. You want to ensure your flowers get delivered not only on time but also very fresh. Garden Of Roses ensures that your flowers get hand delivered to your mom and if there are any complications at all they will call you and let you know. Please do not disappoint yourself this Mother’s Day by going through an online website. Hurry and call your local Florist as soon as possible and let’s customize a perfect bouquet for the most perfect womans in your life. Let's put a smile on the Mother of Your Children, Your Mom and Every other Mom in the world. Let's celebrate Mother's Day with fresh Flowers!


Monday, January 16, 2017

How to find Great Deals and Best Local Florist for Valentine's Day flowers in Moreno Valley, Perris, Riverside & Inland Empire

        Valentines Day is only a month away and happens to be the busiest time of the year at any flower shop. So If you are considering sending flowers to your significant other on Valentine's Day (which you should) , The smartest thing to do is to order your flowers as soon as possible. Remember, the sooner you order, the florist will prioritize your order and guarantee the bouquet of flowers that you want. No matter what, you or anyone else in this world, don’t want to receive dead flowers or old flowers. You also don’t want to get alternative flowers because the florist ran out of the flowers that you did so much research to get for your loved ones. Keeping all this in mind, order your Valentine's Day flower bouquet ASAP.

Deliver Valentine's Day flowers in Moreno Valley, Perris, Riverside

        Another important fact to remember is , don’t order your flowers from a deceptive online website that is a wire service such as FTD, Teleflora , 1800 Flowers , Pro flowers, etc. You will be excited about their cheap prices and stunning photogenic flower bouquets but most likely you will not receive the flower arrangement that you saw on their website because all the pictures are professionally photographed & edited to feed your eyes. These online flower services are just a call center who sends out your orders to local florists in your area with only 70% of the money you spend on a bouquet, and I am telling you right now as a florist, those online flower services have no idea what flower inventory a local flower shop has for that day. 

So, when a local florist in your area gets your order and they don't have the exact flowers or colors,  local florist have only one option! That is to substitute those flowers with something they have in stock for that day. So, with 30% less flower value and not have the exact flowers for that bouquet , We have no idea how to make something so natural like flowers look like a photoshop edited picture. 
So, unfortunately you will end up getting a 30% less valued flower bouquet consisting of the flowers that you didn't order ! And if your recipient is not lucky enough to get hand delivered, She will get Roses/Flowers in a BOX, shipped by fedex or ups. So, Spare yourself the nightmare of getting a bouquet you never wanted. Don't be fooled by those attractive pictures and unbelievable price point. 

Read this news about these deceptive order gatherer in channel ABC 13 EYEWitness News

  Order your flowers from your local florist. A florist you can physically walk into to see their collection of flowers. Your local florist will provide you the best service, freshest flowers at a great deal. Now to find these local best florist in your city simply use search engine like Google, Yelp, Yahoo and type  "Best local florist in Your city" . Simply Call them, visit their location, browse their websites . Ordering flowers from a local florist like Garden Of Roses ensures quality, beauty and your own satisfactory services. If you go onto Garden of Roses website because you can't come in physically, you will see pictures of arrangements that were made and taken in their own studio. No Photoshop here! Browse www.Gardenofroses.us or www.Gardenofroses.florist to get the perfect bouquet of fresh flowers that she deserves. You will have plenty of options to choose from. 

Valentine's day flower delivery in Moreno Valley, Perris, Riverside

       Also to ensure time and day of the delivery, since this year Valentine's Day falls on Tuesday, florist will be busy to delivering flowers in office hours. So Pre-order as soon as possible so she can receive her flowers and feel as beautiful as she is. Lets celebrate this beautiful day that stands for the greatest blessings and emotion of all. LOVE!!! So hurry and get your orders in for Valentine's day Flowers !!